Electronic Security

Access Control

Systems that are designed and installed to electronically control and monitor physical access to specified areas within your building.      



Digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) come in various different models and types. ESI can provide the best recorder solution and product for your business. 



Our monitoring services include a full staff of monitoring professionals that operate 24/7 in Syracuse NY, with a full redundant center in California to ensure 100% service all the time. 


Security Cameras

Camera and recorder solutions that monitor and provide a digital recording of events. We install and maintain the right surveillance system for your business. 

Physical Security



Vacuum Air Tube (Vat) 21 Drive-Up System

The VAT 21GX is a stylish overhead 4.5” delivery system using remote blowers for quiet operation and designed with extreme simplicity in mind. Ideal for new sites or as a refresh solution for your existing VAT 21 drive-up system, you can choose to upgrade the teller unit, customer unit or both.


Customer-Side Drive-Thru Units

521- This sleek drive-thru customer unit quickly moves information with its unique patented “Silent System” delivering information so quickly and smoothly, the customer will hardly hear it operating until the carrier arrives. 

523- The 523 design introduces a new system of “downsend” equipment that can be retrofitted to work with ALL leading 4 1/2” downsend systems. 



Safes and Under counter Steel Equipment

Contact our sales team for a customized layout for your Bank or Credit Union.




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